Why shopnames.com ?

Nowadays most businesses simply cannot do without an Internet presence to compete on the markeplace. Can you afford not to be where your competition is ?
Therefore the need for a domain name cannot be disputed. Unfortunately, many if not most desirable names are already taken. This is especially true for the well-established extensions like .com. With 40 millions domain names registered just under .com. it is increasingly difficult to find meaningful names available. While many good names can be found on the reseller market the steep prices often put out them out of reach of many potential buyers.
That's where we come in. On this site you can find a wide range of quality pre-registered names at affordable prices.

Unlike some of our competitors we believe in fair, down-to-earth pricing. Thanks to our service you can get quality domain names in the $$$ range, that would sell for 5-figure amounts elsewhere.

Who is behind shopnames.com ?

Shopnames.com is run by Foreign Ventures Inc., a US corporation based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The company provides IT & consultancy services to clients worldwide.

Will I own the names ?

You never 'own' a domain name but rather hold a usage right over it. In practical terms as long as you pay the fees and comply with registry/registrar requirements the name can be yours forever.
What we do is transfer ownership (control) of the names to you the buyer.
Do not forget to renew your domains in time. If you do not pay the domain fees you can lose your names and they will ultimately be released to the public and become available for registration again.

Why don't all names have a price shown ?

Certain names do not have an asking price due to the evolving nature of the market or because the owner has no firm price set. Just use our convenient on-line form to request a quote on the name(s) of interest to you.
Most of the names we offer are in the $$$ range, which means under $1000. The price quoted is the asking price. Unless stated otherwise the price may be negociated. Reasonable offers will be considered.
Bear in mind that just like real estate, the value of domain names tends to increase over time. Do not procrastinate, secure a name for your business while you still can !

What payment methods do you accept ?

We currently accept all major credit cards and Paypal as well as MoneyBookers.
We also accept payments by wire transfer or Western Union for amounts above $500.
Please note that we reserve the right to restrict certain means of payment, especially for large purchase amounts. Also we may ask for proof of identity where applicable (ie. credit card payments).

What is your refund policy ?

Due to the nature of our service, we have a no-refund policy. All sales are final.
Before you purchase a name you must make sure that you satisfy the TLD requirements as set by the operating registry. While .COM, .NET & .ORG domain names are unrestricted certain country domains such as .US (United States of America) or .CA (Canada) have specific requirements that must be met.
We make no representations as to whether or not the domain names offered infringe or violate any trademark or intellectual property rights. It is up to the buyer to research any intellectual property claim or trademark dispute proceeding on a particular domain name.

May I register domains names @ shopnames.com?

Not at this time. Because we are not a registrar we do not offer this service but we plan to do so in the future.

Can I list my own domains for sale at shopnames.com ?

Please note that all domains on this website are privately owned. At this time, we are not actively seeking third party listings but we may change our policy in the future. If you are a large portfolio owner or just want to broker quality names feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs in strict confidence.
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